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almost 2 years ago

Important information for PantherHack 2022

Hello everyone!

Thank you for registering on our PantherHack 2022 Devpost. A few important things to do before the hackathon this Saturday!

- Make sure to register on our Google Form, as you must be registered here to be eligible for any prizes and merchandise: 

- Also, please make sure your parents/teachers give their consent for you to participate in PantherHack by signing this form:

- Join our hackathon Discord here, as this will be where all of our day-of announcements, raffles, and workshop links will be held: 

- Lastly, make sure to review and pledge to abide by our Code of Conduct at

Email us at if you have any questions, and keep a look out for more information! Hope to see you on Saturday!

- The PantherHack team